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Customizations… Make the program your own! The Institute offers various ways of customizing the program:

Service Type
Administrator Bundle – This package gives you the
opportunity to create Learning Plans for your
organization with the courses of your choosing,
order them and even set pre-requisites. You will also
will be able to set cross functional groups, pre-enroll
students, setup leaderboards and create contests (ie
top score, first completion.)
Corporate University – Brand the program with your
company logos.
initial fee
Course Import – Add your own courses with your
own content.
(SCORM, AICC, TinCan, PowerPoint,
videos, documentation, assignments)
one-time fee per course
Customize Our Courses – Tailor the courses to meet
the specifics needs of your organization.
fee per hour
Customize Your Course Catalog – Tailor the course
catalog to display only the courses you select and in
the way that meets the needs of your program.
one-time fee
Customize the Dashboard – Tailor the layout of the
user dashboard to display or not user information,
courses, learning plans, and catalogs.
one-time fee
Automated Enrollments – Have rules that enroll
students in courses based on information in the user
fee per hour
Automated User Management – Sync your HRS or
Payroll system with our LMS to create/update/inactivate users.
fee per hour
Single Sign On – Have your users access the LMS
from your intranet without having to login. If a user
from your intranet does not have a training account,
one will be created automatically for them.
fee per hour
Classroom Courses Management – track your classroom sessions in the LMS.
signup + annual fee